Project Oyster

Project Oyster 🌊 #

The journey of my life

Goal: Sailing over the Atlantic Ocean.

My favourite place, a small German island, is 6,796.14 km away from the town I live in. After moving to the USA, I wanted to turn my dreams into reality, founding businesses that let me travel back home and work from anywhere in the world.

So far, I have failed.

The fact that ideas stay in my head, never turning into more than a dream, haunts me, and I worry about my time running out. I have to change something, so I turn my dream into a goal and document my efforts to pursue it.

Dreams vs Goals

A sunny beach on Juist in Germany

The Goal #

I will set sail with my Oyster 595 in my wife’s hometown to cross the Atlantic Ocean on my journey to this small island, where I will set anchor and enjoy a glass of Bourbon I brought from Kentucky with a chaser of Jever I bought on the island.

Sounds ambitious (frankly narcissistic), doesn’t it? - ✎ Should I dream big or achievable

I am 28 29 now and still have the opportunity and time to dream big. However, right now is the time to do things and stop thinking about them. Otherwise, I’ll wake up one day and realise that my time has run out (the big fear of my life).

Somebody will reach this dream - why shouldn’t that be me?

Phase 1 - The Base #

Goal: $5000/month through multiple income streams

I need an income - people that pay for my products. To achieve this, I have to offer something people want to pay for because it is high quality.

In this phase, I have to create as much value as possible while setting up my businesses.

The big project is Flow Atoms, though I need some experience to build perfect ○ Atoms. I will create income streams for my business portfolio (one startup at a time) and test/optimise ○ Atoms through them.

  • The first story: ⛳️ Putter

… to be continued