Putter vs Habit Tracker

Putter vs Habit Tracker

May 10, 2023

A putter vs a habit tracker #

What’ll Project Oyster’s 🌊 first story be?

To reach my goals, I’ll focus on one thing and invest all my time in its growth. To do so, I purged projects I’ve already started - a painful task because I love all of my ideas and can see a future where they are successful. Though, this future is only in my head.

Two ideas remained that I see suited to kickstart Project Oyster: a putter and an analog habit-tracker. They both fulfil my requirements for an initial project:

  • I can pull them off
  • They don’t require too much time, and I can pursue them alongside my 9-5 job
  • I see potential success
  • I can see myself having fun working on them

However, one thing sets these two ideas apart: the putter is easier. It is the idea of a simple, high-quality product. Though my habit tracker has a higher potential, it will need more attention and, especially in the beginning, more effort to get it started.

As always, I’d love to do both and start five more businesses on top of that, but I’ve to be mindful of my limiting resource: time.

That’s why I will start with just the putter. If I have time left after working on it and filling out my Flow Atoms, I’ll put that time into my analog habit tracker.